Takayuki Matsui  Attorney-at-Law
Rie Akiba  Attorney-at-Law
Mitsunari Taketani, Attorney-at-Law
Kei Kondo, Attorney-at-Law
Shigeru Akachi  Marine Consultant

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Areas of Practice    MAX (MAX LAW OFFICE)

The services we provide include:
  • Dispute Resolution in all aspects of shipping and trade. We have remarkable expertise of TOMAC (Tokyo Maritime Arbitration Commission of JSE) and Civil Court in Japan
  • Major Casualty and Emergency Response including (i) initial investigation work, (ii) taking evidence at the scene of the casualty (iii) handling the media, (iv) negotiating with JCG (Japanese Coast Guard) (v) negotiating with the salvage companies regarding the SALVAGE AGREEMENT (JSE Form).
  • Specialist expertise in advocating in the Marine Accident Inquiry Agency (MAIA)
  • Defending shipowners and crew in the criminal procedures in Japan
  • Ship Arrest
  • Enforcement of mortgage on a ship
    Recent Cases:   
    Three Tulip (Yamaguchi District Court)
    Camel Ace (Yamaguchi District Court)
  • Non-contentious advice on all types of shipping contracts including drafting agreements and rider clauses for pro forma contracts especially NIPPONSALE form and SAJ form
  • Non-contentious advice on shipping tax matters
  • Acting for foreign interests (buyers or financiers) for delivery of a ship in Japan
  • Opinion letter for ship finance
  • ICC arbitration, JCAA arbitration, Ad-hoc arbitration
  • Shipping Insolvency
    Foreign Insolvency Recognition for Daebo, Korea
  • Escrow for sellers & buyers at Ship Sale at reasonable price.
The types of matters in which we regularly act and advise are:
  • Admiralty (including arrest and limitation proceedings) and forum shopping advice
  • Personal Injury
  • Fisherman's claim
  • Cargo (including bills of lading, waybills and contracts of affreightment)
  • Charterparties (including slot charter arrangements)
  • Collisions, groundings, fires and explosions
  • Salvage and towage
  • Oil Pollution
  • Ship Building and Repair Contracts (SAJ Form)
  • Ship Sale and Purchase Contracts (NIPPONSALE)
  • Ship Management Agreements
  • Wreck Removal
  • Ship finance
  • Trade disputes, L/C disputes, Commodity (at ICC arbitration, JCAA arbitration)
  • Shipping Tax
  • Aviation
  • Corporate Advice
  • Governmental License Work